Monday, 15 August 2016

Not the greatest blog post 'ever'!

These Olympics have had many standout moments. The BBC’s coverage, as with 2012, has been exceptional too. And the athletes; well, what more can you say about their heroics.

Hasn’t this been the greatest Olympic Games - EVER?

Well, no. Or yes. It depends on where you’re from or who you are or what sport you love etc.

A feature of the British coverage and punditry has been the grating platitudinous way every fantastic record set has been called, e.g. “the fastest ever” or “the greatest ever”.

Ever. Ever. Ever!!!

Why does it have to be the “best ever”? Why can’t it just be recognised for what it is? Years worth of practise, dedication and sacrifice distilled into one glorious moment.

Do the athletes care about records when they have a medal proudly slung round their necks? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t. I respect the hell out of every one of them regardless of time/distance/height recorded (and even whether they got a medal or not).

We don’t have to be the best, or strongest, or fastest ever to deserve plaudits. If we set goals and perform well, beyond our own expectations then it's job done.