Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Relationship Building Par Excellence with Buffer

Social media has opened up the world to customers. So a relatively small company from the west coast of North America (Buffer) can be used easily by someone in Glasgow, Scotland (me).

The Buffer blog is widely read and I believe highly respected for its insightful posts on productivity, scheduling and lifestyle.

With users and members all over the world, the easy route to communication with customers would be via mass email lists with perhaps a community manager for each region. Not for Buffer.

I took part in one of their weekly #BufferChat Twitter sessions recently, which in itself was awesome. Even cooler was when one of their team members (@nmillerbooks) contacted me soon after to ask for my mailing details to send me some stickers just for taking part. My super cool letter arrived yesterday with a handwritten note, all the way from Portland, OR.

To me this is class in a glass.

Not only have they taken the time to write a note but also more or less stated that a member in Scotland (or anywhere else) is just as valued as say someone in NYC or London.

So not only will I continue using Buffer for personal use (I've just upgraded to the 'Awesome' plan) but I will also continue pushing my boss to invest in Buffer for Business.



And for the purposes of offering some advice, which I will also be trying to incorporate more into my own daily job, here are some nuggets I have gleaned:

  • Social media works so much better when it gets personal - a human voice behind a tweet is worth ten times more than any corporate identity.
  • Communicating on various platforms is essential - your Twitter persona must match your real life (professional) persona.
  • Offering your followers a platform to share ideas, such as a Twitter chat is hugely beneficial when it comes to gauging your brand reputation - i.e. if a lot of people take part, you're likely doing something right!

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