Saturday, 4 July 2015

Football Free Summers Suck

I hate those in-between years without either a World Cup or a European Championships. It feels like there is a void, that something just isn't quite right.


And being a Gers fan, it's been even worse. Last season was just about as depressing as it gets; right up there with the administration period. All I want is the new season to get underway for our second crack at the second tier (ugh)!

I've been impressed by what we've heard from Mark Warburton, although I'm not sure about the signings so far. I guess we have to trust in his judgement. The chairman made statements about budgets etc., and being in the Championship again will have had a big say on money being spent.

I can't see this season being anything but a fight between Hibs and Rangers. St. Mirren are ultimately a second tier side (which I know is a bit of a cheek), crowds are always low and the style of football they play is beyond boring. The top tier NEEDS Rangers and Hibs.


As for other tournament's happening in the world; the Copa America always seems to pass me by and the MLS is on too late to really get involved with. I do think that league will continue to grow. Buying has-beens from Europe I think is wrong but I guess it adds some prestige value to the league.

The under-21 Euros doesn't interest me. I'm not that much of a geek that I want to watch kids playing football, just for the chance to say in five years that I saw them before they were famous!

And finally on football, I felt heart sorry for that girl that scored the own goal in the England vs Japan women's World Cup game. The images following the game with her crying in to her manager's arms were really heartbreaking. The whole tournament has passed me by and to be honest, this was the first time I took notice, plus it's you know. But it's been great that the country seems to have got behind her and given support. Can you imagine if that was Phil Jones or whoever in the men's team!? They would be publicly flogged outside the Tower of London.

Hopes of a nation

Wimbledon started this week! Another year of Murray-mania and I reckon he's got a real good chance this summer. Nadal isn't the force he is and Federer is beginning to fade (famous last words) so that really just leaves Djokovic (again). I can't see Wawrinka doing it this year and the other outliers, I reckon Murray can beat. He just needs to stop conceding silly points. He has a horrible tendency to dragging out sets where Djokovic would simply dispatch his opponent efficiently. 

But we're on grass, we're on home soil and momentum has been building so I'm hopeful for a second Murray title.

Athletics and the BBC

The inaugural European Games in Baku have been a let down. The BT Sports coverage has only served to highlight how awesome a job the BBC did with the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. The quality of athletes participating (no USA, no Jamaica, no Aussies) means the standard has been lower too. But ultimately with athletics it comes down to presentation and BT Sports just haven't managed it. 

I was really disappointed to hear that the Beeb had been outbid for future Olympics coverage by the Discovery network and Eurosport. Just when so many more people were getting involved in the 'other' sports, television coverage is going to be limited. I hope it's not the case; the Olympics and Commonwealth Games really got me taking interest in athletes and the positive role models they can be to young people.

What's your thoughts on the new football season? Celtic to win at a canter (again)? Rangers to go up this time round? Will Andy do it this year at Wimbledon?

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