Monday, 6 July 2015

Marking off the days

Another week begins and yet we still have no second child. It's hanging on in there! It has until Thursday, when by hook or by crook, we'll be meeting 'it'. Well, actually, preferably not by hook or even, crook.

Anyway, Mama Bear is not feeling too amused by the situation as you'd imagine. It's hot and humid and ankles are easily swollen these days. Again, I made the mistake of believing too many people who gave it the "oh, baby no.2 is much quicker in showing up" chat. Total rubbish. In future, we'll be taking the due date a) with a pinch of salt and b) assuming we should add two extra weeks on.

Even though, we've been through it before with Grace, it's no less exciting thinking about what the wee yin will look like. Or the kind of character it will develop. Grace has been (and I know I'm biased) an amazing child. She goes down every single night without fail for solid nine to twelve hour sleeps with not a peep. I don't know what we'll do if this baby is different. Suck it up and get on with things I'd imagine. And drink a lot of coffee. See! The trepidation is rife. Just hurry up and arrive already Baby Dos!

The weekend was okay. I can hardly remember it already, which says more about my short term memory capacity than anything else. It's shocking how bad my memory is getting. Must invest in some brain training apps or something. Anyway, I do know that we had some kid free time, which means - as always - we went for something to eat. Honestly, DO NOT take for granted how much more pleasant a meal out is, when you don't have a toddler there for company.

In saying that we had a nice wee walk round Langlands Moss (pic'd below) following a wee de-tour to the see-saw, which in Grace's language, confusingly, means swings. Thanks to Papa Lynch for that one.

I also got a couple of westerns to watch. Fort Apache with John Wayne and Joe Kidd with Clint Eastwood. The latter is already an established hero of mine but I've never really watched much of Wayne. Suffice to say, Fort Apache was a class old school western flick with a terrific performance from Henry Fonda.

Oh and it was the United State's Independence Day on Saturday too. I made a cool wee Instagram image as a homage to all my American heroes. Yes, they are totally stereotypically male icons but when I really thought about, I just couldn't think of any female heroes. Is that a bad thing? I'm sure there must be loads. I guess that's more to do with society and celebrity culture than anything else. Particularly in the U.S.

On a final note, I read a great post by The Minimalists concerning 'outrage' and how we all get upset at the daftest things. And how the age of social media has given everyone the ability to vent their inane frustrations online. I'm going to try and abide by the advice they set out. Have a read:

Actually, on a final final note; we got to enjoy some honest to goodness sunshine on Friday night. I event put ona  pair of shorts! Grace got to enjoy the sun too, so here's a pic to leave you with...

What did you do this weekend? Do you get outraged easily? Who is your all American female hero?

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