Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Open (ed) Eyes

So, golf eh? Who'd a thunk it could actually be so engrossing.

As mentioned before, I can't wait for the football season to re-start but in the interim I've had a good couple of weeks. Wimbledon (unlucky, Andy), the Tour (I'm still convinced they are all robots) and The Open.

Scotland's game

It's the final one there that has captured my interest the most though. I guess maybe because it's in Scotland and it's one of the few things we seem to be good at (alongside, as of Saturday, Ultimate Fighting!).

Paul Lawrie and Marc Warren are keeping a stake in proceedings, although at six and five shots behind respectively it looks unlikely. Then you have the young Irish amateur Paul Dunne making waves leading the pack alongside the super cool Jordan Spieth.

The only old guard sorta guy that I'm still following - and one of the few that didn't get cut - is Ernie Els. He's got a lovely swing (weird to say?) and seems so calm and collected. Still, he's getting nowhere near the young guys.

The scoring has been excellent and you have to wonder how much tighter it would be had Rory McIlroy made it to the tournament.

Memories of old

When I was wee, I used to watch my grampa watch golf religiously. Full days and countless fags would disappear with him hardly moving from the couch. All I remember is the sheer drudgery of it. Old men in awful trousers and v-necks wheezing around long courses. It seem the dullest sport going. Cricket took the 'uncoolest' title (and still does).

However, since Thursday, I seem to have suddenly caught some sort of bug. Maybe it's been turning 30. Maybe it's been being trapped on the couch feeding a newborn with nothing else to do but I can't seem to switch off. I need to know where every player is on the course and why on earth they are missing such easy putts. And of course, how all the Scots players are doing.

The players too, seem a lot cooler. Like proper dudes you can support. The commentators have mentioned the Tiger Woods legacy. Even though the man himself is now a bit rubbish, his impact has been to inspire young players to become athletes; strong, fit and totally dedicated to every aspect of the game. Nike, Adidas, Canterbury, Under Armour et al., can take credit for kitting them out in decent clobber too!

Time to have a go

I've also actually taken the time to work out the rules. Turns out, there's actually very few, which makes things so much better.

So that's it, I'm off to the driving range tomorrow and am thinking about investing in a lesson or two. From previous journey's up to Playsport, my attempt at hitting the ball has not been pretty. You'd think it'd be relatively easy to hit a ball in a straight line. Maybe it is but mine usually go in a freakish 45 degree angle from the tee! Anyway, here's to rectifying that and watching the final round of The Open tomorrow!

My money's on Jordan Spieth to eventually pull out in front.

Do you enjoy golf? Are you also disconcerted about how much your personality has changed in only a few years? Should I buy silly trousers and a v-neck?

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