Friday, 3 July 2015

Time Flies


It has been a long week.

Baba Dos was due last Saturday (27th June) but is hanging on in there, just like its older sister did nearly two years ago. Mama bear must provide a very snug environment in that belly.

We'll hopefully have our new arrival though, this time next week as Mama bear is booked in for an induction on Thursday.

I'm just impatient. And work has dragged like a mofo this week. Concentration on work matters is definitely not at 100%. It has been hot as hell too! I honestly doff my cap to the missus, not only does she not complain (like me) but she carries around a little human all day long. 

Pregnant women of the world, I salute you.

Memory lapse!

It's weird though trying to remember all the wee tips and tricks that go along with making life with a newborn as simple as possible. Makes me think about how gosh-darn quickly Grace has grown up. From being a helpless wee thing swaddled up to an independent minded wee toddler tearing it up round the house; time has flown by much too quickly.

I am definitely ready for my two weeks paternity leave. I make light of it in the office by saying, "Can't wait for my holidays!". But in all seriousness, I really do feel like a couple of weeks of family re-charging will do some good. Week after week of being glued to a computer screen on social media is really not good for the soul.

Happy memories

No plans for this weekend other than chilling out. It's my sister and brother in-law's anniversary tomorrow (4 July) - so have a great one folks! They are off to Pitsidia, Crete for a holiday and the place they got married (I sang the bride's song; awesome brother that I am). Even though Greece is apparently going south finance wise; I have to say that Pitsidia is basically one of the best places on earth. I'm not jealous at all.

Up to anything good this weekend? Let me know!

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