Friday, 17 July 2015

With Grace

If I could have dreamt up a better first daughter to have, I don't think I'd want to wake up.

Grace, my first daughter, is an absolute wee gem. Since her baby sister arrived last week, she has stepped firmly into the caring big sister role (being only 22 months old herself!).

Auld wives tales

We had heard a few stories about the older child regressing with a new baby on the scene. I had visions of Grace crawling on her hands and knees, and suddenly forgetting all the new words she has learned.

However, that has totally NOT been the case. Instead, she shouts for Anna first thing in the morning, gives her sister a wee kiss and will hold her hand if she's getting a bit restless for milk.

We got our first pic of Grace holding Anna tonight. Anna was crying and Grace was more than happy to hold her and make sure her sister felt better.

Sorry, I know this is all a bit sappy but hey, you only get to witness this stuff once in life, so I'm making the most of it!

The Loch

We were up at Loch Lomond the other day too. I kinda feel like all children should experience the Loch. It's my personal favourite place on earth; particularly the west side of the water. There is a great wee spot just north of Luss called Firkin Point. You can sit and eat at a picnic bench and look up the Loch, which on a clear day offers heart stopping views.

Loving life
So, plenty of snacks were munched and a nice wee family wander was had before Dad got his own treat with a wee stop off at Fyne Ales Brewery to pick up a 12 case!

More trips

Yesterday, we had a nice pre-dinner trip to Rouken Glen park in Giffnock. If you have kids, I highly recommend a visit. Check out my description here.

We're also hoping to make a trip up the A9 next week to Pitlochry before I go back to work. Pitlochry just so happens to be the home of the Blair Atholl Distillery and a really lovely single malt whisky. I'm also dying to see the Queen's View again for some more camera pics. The Pitlochry Dam was one of those places I vividly remember from my own childhood so I hope Grace loves it just as much.

Do you have daughters? Do they get on great? Will it all last!?

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