Monday, 8 August 2016

Tales of the Irrational #1

‘Style’...what’s it all about? Is this something a guy should even be bothered writing about?

I like to think I’m not bothered about how I look. But I am. I’d like to state that I couldn’t care less about what I go to work in each day but I do. I get quite stressed about it, to be honest.

And it’s TOTALLY irrational.

Clothes are just clothes. Man made fabrics to cover our unsightly bits. So why the hell do we pay lots of money on them and create so much stress around them? There is no real reason.

People will say things like ‘clothes can make you confident’ or ‘clothes define your persona’. But that’s ultimately bullshit. It is BS because those kinds of statements are based on a false premise (that clothes are needed at all).

Hang onto your britches there boyo! There’s the irrational part. Of course, clothes are needed and therefore stress is going to occur and money is going to be spent. We are self-conscious animals.

I don’t think I will ever figure this out. Much like I will never figure out how to get a pair of chinos that fit perfectly.

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