So you wanna know some more, huh? Well my name is Scott Cameron Caldwell and this year I turned 30! Still trying to grasp that one to be honest.

Anyway, I had been writing a social media blog called 'The Social Scot' and I decided that solely writing about social was a bit boring. And in any case, there are a ton of social bloggers out there who do it way better than me.

I simply wanted to note down my general thoughts on the world on a bunch of topics that mean something to me. Therefore, the 'Social Scot' became 'Scottish Dad with an Opinion'. Yes, an opinion. I'm sure other dads have them too. I'm simply choosing to share mine with other folks.

The Fam (as at time of writing. One to come)
And I wanted to start keeping a wee note of my life as a dad to Grace and Anna. This is for no one's benefit other than mine to be honest but if folks enjoy my rambling then all the better!

I enjoy writing, even if I'm not that great at it so bear with me if the sentences get a bit too long. Like that one. Or if the paragraphs run on a bit. I like taking photos too. Again, bear with me if the filtering and overlays become rather absurd. And finally, I dig a good tune, so hopefully my Spotify playlists get you rockin' and rollin'!

General interest roundup to finish. I like:

  • Whisky
  • Superman
  • Rangers FC
  • The Beatles
  • Oasis
And I love:
  • Scotland

Okay, enough about me. Tell me about you. If you have a blog, I'd love to know what it is about and I'll come visit...

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